When Sarah was recommended to me as a web designer, I looked at some of her work and was thoroughly impressed with her work. Not in my wildest imagination did I expect the masterpiece she created. I was blown away by how she captured the  essence of my work and represented me completely in her design. Sarah illustrated so much talent and skill in her work, I highly recommend her!

Sylky Resnicoff

Coach, Author, Speaker


Sylky is a certified family of origin life coach, her specialty is understanding how the human being works, what their emotional needs are, and how they get stuck.

Her challenge was having to explain to every potential client all about her method and services. She wanted a website to be her 24/7 sales rep.


We started with creating an identity. The logo colors and symbol are soft and calming. 

The website takes complicated concepts and explains them in a clear eye-catching way. We created a detailed intake form to vet potential clients and ensure a smooth onboarding process.