Shevi is is a certified copywriter, who specializes in writing stellar copy for non-profits.
In her words:
“Because you’re more than a 1040 tax deduction. You’re an initiative worthy of a loyal following.”

Her challenge was explaining to busy non-profit leaders how professional copy will help them gain loyal donors and volunteers.


We started with creating an identity. The logo is sharp and bold; the symol takes in 2 “C’s” in the shape of a bowtie, portraying the aspect of “service”;  Shevi becomes a partner with her clients.

The website was fun to build because of the awesome copy 🙂 It is very comprehensive in explaining Shevi’s services and helping her streamline potential clients.

Sarah is the unique combination of star designer AND all-around pleasant collaborator! Her work is professional, impressive, and beautiful – PLUS, she is a pleasure to work with, a patient communicator, and an altogether wonderful person. I highly recommend her to anyone seeking quality branding and/or web design.

Shevi Handelsman

The Copy Concierge