The Detroit Gemach was founded on a simple belief:
Every frum person deserves to earn a living with dignity.

Their mission is to help people on the path to Parnassah; whether with school tuition or business start-up costs.
They provide guidance, mentorship and loans with feasible repayment terms.


The main goal was to ensure that the message speaks to the right audience. We took a model from the circles we were targeting and fine-tuned the message to speak directly to our audience. The website branding is professional but not rigid. It includes all necessary forms and provides a clear path for potential clients to apply.

We also created a series of ads that tell the story of why reaching out to The Detroit Gemach with help you tremendously!

Everything looks fantastic!
It seems like I am looking at another organization’s materials. It is so clear and professional, and conveys the information very well.
Thank you Sarah – for the whole project!

Jonathan Borsand

Founder, The Detroit Gemach