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Sarah has been a delight to work with. She was efficient, responsive and simply so nice! I greatly appreciated her 1:1 approach, which streamlined the process and truly added the personal touch. Sarah intuitively grasped what I was looking for when I couldn’t articulate it myself, and the visual identity she developed for my brand perfectly matches its vibe. I keep recommending Sarah to others – I know she will deliver brag-worthy work and an unusually attentive customer experience. Working with her has definitely been one of my best business decisions – go for it!
Rachel Grunbaum

The Copy Buff


Rachel Grunbaum aka The Copy Buff is a certified copywriter, who helps business owners surge their sales.

She has a fail-proof process to help her clients get from a miserable “How do I get more clients?” to a euphoric “It worked!”

Rachel specializes in short copy and was looking to build a memorable brand that portrays “confidence and dependable”.


The logo colors we chose are inviting and add a refreshing look with overlapping colors. The quotation mark symbolizes short impactful messaging; branding, emails and ads (as opposed to long copy).

The website was fun to build because of the awesome copy 🙂 It is very comprehensive in telling Rachel’s story and helping her streamline potential clients.

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