I was pleased beyond my expectations when I saw the logo and branding that Sarah designed for Theraflex OT. Sarah’s professionalism and advanced expertise creates a really hassle- free experience. Her innovative design, up-to –date style and fast turn around time, made the whole process a real pleasure!
Hudi Schweky

Owner, Theraflex OT


Theraflex is a Lakewood based OT Provider. They employ a systematic and cutting edge approach to provide progress oriented outcomes in the areas of self- regulation, behavior management, handwriting and reading development, and organizational skills.

They came to us to create branding that will speak to their target market and bring on more clients!


We created branding that reflects the kid-friendly aspect, with fun colors and a gym ball – yet portrays professionalism as well.

We also designed an ad series with messaging that is sharp and to the point!

Print and Advertising